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Acrobat LCD FAQ


Q. Why is the image blurry?

A. Can be caused by fingerprints or dirt on the glass underneath the camera. Make sure the glass is cleaned with a lens cleaning cloth. Use the cleaning cloth or a cotton swab only when needed.


Q. What distance should the Acrobat be away from my reading material?

A. The Acrobat incorporates an auto-focus feature which offers a clear crisp picture from most distances but to optimize magnification see the below measurements.

Near/Reading Viewing Mode = 16 inches
Self Viewing Mode = 16 inches
Distance Viewing Mode = 40 inches


Q. In case of a problem, how can I get my system serviced?

A. For questions or to arrange for product service, please contact Enhanced Vision’s customer service team, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST at
(800) 440-9476, (714) 465-3400 or [email protected]. We will contact you within 24 hours to provide instructions and a return authorization number.