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We would like the opportunity to introduce the advantages of integrating low vision into your practice; this process can be as simple as developing a referral resource for your patients offering a full range of low vision products and services.  We at Enhanced Vision want to help!  That is why we have a dedicated Eye Care Professional Liaison to help answer your questions.  We take a vested interest in you and your practice “Your Success is Our Success”. 

We understand you have many choices when it comes to manufacturers of low vision equipment but we would like to show you how Enhanced Vision is different:

 Enhanced Vision appreciates your time and would like to be your “extra set of hands”.  Get started today and learn more about how beneficial a partnership with Enhanced Vision can be.

Call us at 0115 9442317 to discuss partnership opportunities.

What our partners are saying:

“Enhanced Vision provides the most diverse line of low vision products to meet every need and budget.”
  ~Rebecca L. Kammer, OD

“My goal is to take people that have been told that nothing can be done and give them a chance to experience a solution.  Low vision devices such as the JORDY give my patients that chance.”
  ~Mark Wilkinson, O.D.

" It’s not easy to design products outside of the standard optical magnifiers but Enhanced Vision continues to do a great job.  Once again Enhanced Vision has come out with a quality low vision solution at an affordable price,”
  ~Sonya Braudway, O.D.