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Merlin elite Pro HD/OCR
Merlin elite Pro is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring a Full HD Sony® &nb..
Acrobat HD ultra LCD
See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat HD ultra. High definition allows you to experie..
Acrobat HD ultra Long Arm
Longer arm provides flexibility to work on larger projects. You can configure the Acrobat in a varie..
Acrobat HD ultra Short Arm
Free-standing short arm is easy to transport and offers great stability. You can configure the Acrob..
Amigo HD
Amigo HD displays amazing crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors, at any distance, on a large 7..
DaVinci Pro HD/OCR - Full Page Text-to-Speech
DaVinci Pro is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring a Full HD 1080p 3-in-1 c..
The Latest In Wearable Low Vision Technology This innovative system is the ideal solution for you..
Merlin ultra HD
The new affordable Merlin HD ultra offers full high-definition color and contrast, resulting in shar..
Pebble HD 4.3"
Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture. A new ..
Smart Reader HD
A Full Page OCR Solution for Easy Text Reading! Portable • Easy-to-Use • Sleek Design The Smar..
Transformer HD with Wi-Fi
Transformer HD – Portable Electronic Magnifier with Built In Wi-Fi Transformer HD is a high perfo..
Traveller HD
Take it anywhere The Traveller HD allows you to comfortably read letters, newspapers and other ma..