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How to get Started?

Enhanced Vision is the leading manufacturer of low vision assistive devices. Our versatile low vision product line has helped thousands of visually impaired people see again. If you have an established business in optical or medical products, health care or have a background in vision or other complimentary services, we are interested in discussing potential partnership opportunities with you.

Get started today and learn more about how beneficial a partnership with Enhanced Vision can be. Follow these simple steps to learn more:

What Our Partners are saying :

"My own vision loss has lead to a life-long passion for helping others in similar situations by providing training and advice on new technologies. Enhanced Vision provides some of the most advanced low vision products, electronic magnifiers, and low vision assistive devices available on the market today."
– Gayle Yarnall, MA

"In over 17 years of helping the low vision community, I’ve never been prouder to represent products with such a high standard of quality and service!"
– Bob Schrepfer, FL

"Having to live with Macular Degeneration for 30 years fueled my desire to help other people with low vision find the right products for them. Enhanced Vision offers great products that have continued to meet the needs of my customers as well as my own needs as a consumer."
– Sloan Morris, IL