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Merlin VGA Plus – Desktop Video Magnifier

Merlin - VGA Desktop Video Magnifier
Merlin - VGA Desktop Video Magnifier

Merlin VGA Plus – Desktop Video Magnifier

Merlin Plus offers all the same features of our standard Merlin with the added benefit of full computer connectivity, split screen modes and included feature kit.

Merlin’s Split screen mode lets you view magnified images and the computer simultaneously.

Merlin’s screen easily pivots vertically and/or horizontally to better accommodate peripheral or eccentric viewing.

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Key Features

Color Select Feature

video magnification

Color Select
Many Options

video magnification

Black & White
Color Option

With our low vision electronic magnifiers, many color select options are available for increased contrast. Depending on your eye condition, certain text and background color combinations allow for ease of reading. All Enhanced Vision solutions incorporate 2 to 7 color select options. One of the color select options is black and white. It will convert anything you are viewing to a black and white image for increased contrast.

Horizontal and Vertical Line Markers

video magnification

Horizontal Line Markers
With Color Select

video magnification

Vertical Line Markers
With Color Select

Our low vision electronic magnifiers are also available with horizontal and vertical line markers. These line markers provide a reference point when reading. See the difference today!

Horizontal and Vertical Windowing

video magnification horizontal windowing

Horizontal Windowing

video magnification vertical windowing

Vertical Windowing

Our Merlin Plus (with included feature kit) and our Merlin desktop electronic magnifiers with the addition of a feature kit, offer the ability of horizontal and vertical windowing. This feature allows you to totally isolate the text you are viewing for complete legibility.